Light Duty X-Country Groomers

Light Duty X Cross Country Ski Groomer for Snowmobile & ATV/ UTV’s
6×4 ft – Light Duty Groomer

Triple Spine – Replaceable Cutter Bars – Manual Trim Winch

Yankee Metal Works has developed a NEW line of 6 foot (72 inch – 183cm) Light duty groomers, specifically designed for Cross Country Ski Trail-Grooming. The Hybrid Drag features a triple spine for 3 different ski setter positions, and replaceable front cutter-bars for convenient replacement of this wear-item.

“The snow had a very high moisture content and, in fact, we had to give up since we were having problems turning the snowmobiles. With drier, colder snow the snowmobile skis weren’t leaving a track in the corduroy. The snow today was very clumpy.”

Add 1 Ski Setter (sold separately) in the middle, left or right position, or add 2 ski setters, side-by-side – for 2 or 4 lanes of ski tracks (4 lanes requires 2 side-by-side passes). Add Deluxe Corduroy (corduroy off/on) to this unit, to lay a corduroy trail – or lift the corduroy pan in about 5 seconds, and go back to laying  flat trail.

Our 6×4 Cross Country model provides Olympic-quality results, for a fraction of the price of other equipment. This groomer with optional accessories, will lay corduroy on the up-hills – flat trail on the down hills – and smooth trail with 2 wide ski channels on the flats – ALL IN 1 PASS!! As far as we know, this is one of the only units you can buy, that will lay 4 different styles of ski-trail, again all in 1 pass. Save money AND time with this versatile and efficient ski-groomer.

The concept-

Our 6ft x 8ft Hybrid light/medium duty groomer holds more snow then is needed to refresh a cross country ski trail. You don’t need a 10 ft long drag, holding 4+ yards of snow, to do the job. A snowmobile cannot pull a drag of this size. So we decided to turn our 4×6 sideways, use our 6ft hybrid pan, and offer this perfect size, Swiss army knife-of-a-groomer, to the Cross Country Ski Community.

Our 6×4 unit is built as a light-weight-but-tough unit – to better-match the power to weight ratio of the typical Snowmobile or ATV/UTV. Built durable, but not too heavy (base model starts at 250 lbs.) – our Hybrid 6×4 foot is the perfect-sized drag for your Cross Country grooming needs, no matter what kind of machine you want to pull it with. The unit requires the front cutter bars. If Tooth Bars are more aggressive then you need for early-season, remove them in less then 10 min. and add Flat-bar Cutters (sold separately) Put Tooth Bars back on when the snow sets up hard.

Our featured deluxe-accessory for this unit is the Transport Wheel & Corduroy Combo Kit. Wheels on one side, Corduroy on the other. For manual – Pin the groomer bar down to lay Corduroy or pin up to lay flat trail. Pin wheels down in the 3rd position for transport. Combo kit can also be built with electric power trim.

The Basic YMW Cross Country Groomer comes equip with a manual Trim Winch, for adjusting cutter-trim, and forward weight box mount for added versatility. Most of the options from the Accessories page can also be added to this unit. You may decide to go with our Basic Corduroy Kit for full time corduroy at a low price-point, or choose our Deluxe Light Kit – to groom a perfect trail, at night. The YMW Light Bar comes in handy, when you have to lay different types of trail in different sections, all after the sun has set.

Please use the request quote page for detailed quotes with accessories.

Please inquire for lead-time.  5 units now sold

6×4 ft (72 inch) Manual Trim
Base Model 6×4 – $3995.00

Electric Power Trim – add $795.00
Deluxe Corduroy Pan – add $695.00
Cross Country Ski Setters – add $595.00 for 1 – $1095.00 for 2

Manual Wheels & Corduroy Combo Kit – add $1295.00

New Color Options – Green, Black, Blue, Red & Yellow avail. (Red & Yellow require 2 coats + $250)

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