Light Duty Trail Groomers for Snowmobiles & ATV’s/UTV’s
These groomers work great, they are light-weight & don’t burn out your motor in 3 years. We offer them to you factory-direct, and at a huge discount.

Our 4×8 with wheel kit is $5500 less then some of our competitors’ models of the same size.  That’s 3 groomers for 1, and still money left in your pocket! You can’t beat our value and ability to accessorize the unit.

Groomers come completely welded and painted. Just hook it up to your vehicle and start grooming. The drag has a manually adjustable jack bar with 4 cutter bars (6 cutter bars on the 8 foot version) to get the job done quickly. The current design is the third generation (version 3) of our light duty snow groomer. Accessories sold separately.


We want your used groomer – Do you want to upgrade to a version 3? Please see the FAQ’s page for more details.

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Light Duty X Cross Country Groomer for Snowmobile & ATV/ UTV’s 
6×4 ft – Light Duty Groomer

Triple Spine – Replaceable Cutter Bars – Manual Trim Winch

Yankee Metal Works has developed a NEW line of 6 foot (72 inch) Light duty groomers, specifically designed for cross country trail-grooming. The Hybrid Drag features a triple spine for 3 different ski setter positions, and replaceable front cutter-bars for convenient replacement of this wear-item. Run 1 Ski Setter (sold separately) in the middle, left or right position, or run 2 ski setters, side-by-side – for 2 or 4 lanes of ski tracks.


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Hybrid Light/Medium Duty Groomer for Large UTV’s
6×8 & 6×10 foot – Hybrid Light/Medium Duty Groomer

Triple Spine – Replaceable Cutter Bars – Power Jack Bar

Yankee Metal Works has developed a line of 6 Foot Hybrid light/medium duty groomers, specifically designed to address the need for a mid-size groomer for UTV power-grooming. Most of the options from the Accessories page can also be added to this unit.


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Medium & Heavy Duty Trail Groomers

Our medium and heavy duty drags are on average, half the weight of our competition, and sometimes less than half the price!


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Dominator Track Systems

DOMINATOR® track systems are specially designed to fit nearly all common passenger vehicles up through the full-size ½ ton series, and also some of the lighter ¾ ton and 1 ton series vehicles, with 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 bolt hubs. Although Dominator® track systems can be used year round and in almost all types of terrain, their primary purpose, and best performance, is in snow and ice, or similar terrains, which require exceptional flotation and traction.


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Medium & Heavy Duty Grooming Packages

The Package includes your choice of Medium or Heavy Duty Drag, a Dominator Track System to fit your 4×4 vehicle, a Hydraulic Unit to power your drag options, Lights and a Drag control panel.


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Latest News

Coming Soon! – YMW now offers Brush Bars for our Medium and Heavy Duty Groomers. Please request a price, today!

We now have pictures of our Hybrid Light/Med. Duty Groomer! Please see the Hybrid page to have a look at our new UTV Power Groomer

YMW has a new project in the works. We are making an Ultimate Snowmobile – X-Country Trails – Ski Resort Groomer.  This unit will plain Flat Trail, or automatically drop the Corduroy plate for Power Corduroy – or add a set of X-Country Ski Setters or our Side by Side X-Country Ski Setters (shown below).  Toggle the Corduroy/Ski Setters on, or Float them off for Flat trail.

This accessory is intended to be fitted to our Hybrid 6x Groomers. ATV/UTV’s are gaining ground in the Grooming community. Keep those ATV s running year round to keep ’em running right.

Used Equipment

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Not always just for fun

We love to hear stories of how our drags change trails, and change lives.

We had a customer waaaay up north in Canada. Were talking Ice Road territory. A small town up there had one small main trail that connected part of the village to the township and business area. The trail was small, bumpy and slow, and some of the town-folk had enough of the bumps. As the story was told to me, a few folks pooled funds, and ordered a 4×6 drag from Yankee Metal.

The drag changed lives for these folks. What once was a bumpy 45 min commute of torture, was cut down to a 25 min joy ride. People saved gas, saved on repairs, and saved on medical bills from no-more sore backs or pain meds.

We love to hear how our small groomers can make a big impact on communities and enthusiasts, alike. Please share your YMW story, if you would like to.

(Please note – Some States require SMV signs for groomers. SMV stands and signs can be added for an additional charge. Please inquire)