Hybrid Light/Medium Duty Groomers

Hybrid Light/Medium Duty Groomer for Large UTV’s
6×8 – 6×10  foot – Hybrid Light/Medium Duty Groomer

Triple Spine – Replaceable Cutter Bars – Power Jack Bar

Yankee Metal Works has developed a line of 6 Foot Hybrid light/medium duty groomers, specifically designed to address the need for a Mid-sized groomer – for UTV power-grooming of snowmobile or ski resort trails. The Hybrid Drag features a triple spine for added strength, and replaceable front cutter-bars for convenient replacement of this wear-item.

(6×10 ft Hybrid with dual Hydraulics and Wheel Kit w/ Options Bar, shown)

Our typical medium duty groomer is too much drag for any UTV with track kit to tow around all day (at 800-1200 lbs., before snow-load). But our Hybrid line is built as a light-weight-but-tough unit – to better-match the power to weight ratio of the typical UTV. Built durable, but not too heavy (base model is 450 lbs.) – our Hybrid 6 foot is the perfect-sized drag for your needs.

The YMW Hybrid comes equip with electric power Jack Bar, for trim. Most of the options from the Accessories page can also be added to this unit. Please use the request quote page for detailed quotes with accessories.

New for 2018 – Hybrid hitch design includes a break-away shear-bolt. This unit is also up-gradable to Hydraulic lift.

Hydraulic lift can also be applied to our Wheel Set, for a full power groomer. The Options Bar on our wheel kit allows for additions like our Power Corduroy Pan, or the Powder Float Pan (doubles pan surface). These options allow for proper grooming in a variety of different conditions. 

Please request a quote for any of these upgrades to the base-model Hybrid.

Hybrid Build – Please inquire for lead-time. 

Electric Power Trim – Base Model
6×8 – $5995.00
6×10 – $6495.00

New Color Options – Green, Black, Blue, Red & Yellow avail. (Red & Yellow require 2 coats + $250)

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(6×8 ft Hybrid with Electric Hoist, shown)